1. Done with the project I’ve spent 80 hours on this week

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  2. This album is far too overlooked

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  4. Eventually all the photos that the every-man takes of his penis will be used in scientific research.

  6. Fun little fact for all you folks who love facts:
    This is me on the day I graduated. The night before I broke my hand (thus why it is awkwardly turned upright). The next 5 hours consisted of me popping pain pills and having my hand violently shaken by overenthusiastic male supporters of my accomplishment.

  7. Stream TEEN: The Way and Color on Pitchfork Advance

  9. iconic


  10. I make way more money than I need but there is always an urge to make more. I live a very comfortable life but when I over analyze my finances I always feel broke. I could (and know plenty of people who) make do with much less, but I never feel like I have enough.